Past Presentations

MMWG President gave a presentation on how to rub out a finish.

MMWG member Jack Worthington gave us an insightful presentation on the history and construction techniques of Michigan barns. He also updated us on preservation efforts in the region.

MMWG member Denny Rueter gave a great presentation on the beadLock joinery system. This is a quick and easy (and reasonable) loose tenon system sold by Rockler. Denny has used this system in a number of his furniture projects.

MMWG member Marvin Thrasher, one of our elder statesmen, presented us with a demostration of how to make cabriole legs using the band saw.

MMWG member Brian Lundy gave us a presentation on how to align your table saw. Brian demonstrated several key techniques using a full scale replica of a table top and trunion mechanism. He also used some very unique “sawhorses” for his presentation.

MMWG member Ray Craft gave us a thorough presenation on grinding, sharpening and honing using a variety of methods.

MMWG member Gary Brown gave us a presentation on one of the toughest turning tools to master: the skew chisel. Gary also demonstrated a number of cuts that the skew chisel excels at, including the planing, peeling, v-cut and shoulder cuts.

Guest presenter Fred Erbisch, a member of the local carving club, gave us an introductory course on the various methods and styles of carving, and how we can use this important skill to enhance our woodworking.

MMWG Vice President Keith July gave us an entertaining presentation on how to use scrap lumber to make a useful project in the form of an oval frame. Keith uses a router with a straight bit, and a very clever jig to accomplish this.