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As a fairly recent member, and definitely not a ‘joiner’, I remember my first meeting in the group.   I had stumbled across your website while trying to solve a woodworking problem.  I remember being in awe of the diversity of talent, scope of work by the individuals, and the friendliness of people willing to share their stories of success and failure.  I immediately came to realize that these are the people that I want to associate with, learn from, and maybe share some of my experiences.  I always come away with some nugget that I didn’t know about.  The guest speakers bring a needed focus on a variety of topics.  Who knew that I could be excited to learn about glue???    I like the set-up of the meetings, the variety of the programs, love the show and tell, and really like the ‘who can answer a question for me’ that has been started. Know what I like the most?  It’s the emphasis that any stage of woodworker is welcome. I had been concerned that this would be another special clique of woodworkers who did not truly welcome newcomers. I believe this group has created a common ground for the beginner thru the professional/ artist style of woodworking.

Wendell P

I joined as a beginning woodworker looking to learn. Everyone in the club has been very sharing of their knowledge and abilities. Don’t let your lack of skill keep you from joining.

Karen M

I joined for the common interest of woodworking, but I stayed because of the ease and earnestness with which all of the members are willing to share their knowledge, the sometimes lively discussions on different ways to accomplish something, and especially all the friends I’ve made.

Brian L

The presentation on wood glues was worth the annual membership costs by itself.

Anonymous Member

I learn something new from every presentation. Lots of variety in the programs each month.

Denny R

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